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Covid 19 information

Especially in uncertain times, when being able to plan is a thing of the past, we need places where we can relax from the "head merry-go-round".


So you've come to the right place! Look forward to your holiday at the Tirolerhof in Feichten!


Would you like pure mountain air, clear spring water, fragrant meadows in summer or fresh snow in winter - without distractions and worries about your health?


The Kaunertal convinces with the true feeling of mountain freedom, far away from large crowds and long queues. Here you can not only experience a holiday away from the fast-moving, concentrated everyday life, but also with the degree of joy in encounters that make you feel good.

A healthy distance was and is here in the Kaunertal, through the almost untouched natural areas of the Kaunergrat Nature Park, or the seemingly endless peaks of the Glockturmkamm, a feature of its own kind!

Not just since the pandemic, but for several years now, we have been pursuing a future-oriented way in our beloved Alpine region, that has been adapted to climate change.

Sustainability, deceleration, contemplation are not just empty advertising words that the times bring with them, but lived conviction.

Tourism in the Kaunertal and its businesses are particularly characterized by their sustainable approach to tourism and local life. In 2022, our region was awarded the "Best Tourism Village" prize by the UN World Tourism Organization.

Of course, we always try to make your stay with us at the Tirolerhof as safe as possible. Here we inform you about the current regulations and measures relating to COVID-19.

What we do for you:

  • Cleaning according to all hygienic standards and recommendations
  • Regular disinfection of all handrails and surfaces
  • Disinfection of the rooms with an ozone device
  • We offer cancellation insurance during the booking process.

What you can do for us:

  • Only travel healthy!
  • Observe the current entry rules
  • Find out more at the Kaunertal tourist office

TVB - current COVID-19 safety precautions

Cancellations & Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and find out about the possibilities of canceling your trip.



Even if you always look forward to your vacation and deserve it sooooo much - something can always come up!


Secure yourself and find out about the possibilities of canceling your trip. We at the
Tirolerhof offer you the option of taking out travel insurance during the booking process.
If, for example, you fall ill at short notice and are unable to travel, you are
optimally protected and you save yourself trouble and costs.

In the event of cancellation, the Austrian hotel regulations apply. In the event of
late arrival or early departure, the booked hotel arrangement will be charged.
We recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance.

Austrian Hotel Regulations

European travel insurance